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US States Map Outlines with Flags

    U S States Map Outlines with Flags

    Territory-Shaped flags of the U.S. states and the District of Columbia

    States of the United States of America. A modern and colorful collection of territory-shaped flags of the U.S. states, territories, and the District of Columbia. The majority of the states’ flags have the same design pattern consisting of the state seal superimposed on a monochrome background, commonly a shade of blue. Some flags may be underway to lead to some change.

    Features List

    • Clean Design
    • 100% Scalable Vector
    • Easy change colors
    • Scale without losing quality

    Files Included

    • 51 SVG files
    • 51 AI files
    • 51 EPS files
    • 1 SKETCH file
    • 51 PNG files
    • Info file

    List of the included U.S. States and territories

    • Alabama, AL
    • Alaska, AK
    • Arizona, AZ
    • Arkansas, AR
    • California, CA
    • Colorado, CO
    • Connecticut, CT
    • Delaware, DE
    • Florida, FL
    • Georgia, GA
    • Hawaii, HI
    • Idaho, ID
    • Illinois, IL
    • Indiana, IN
    • Iowa, IA
    • Kansas, KS
    • Kentucky, KY
    • Louisiana, LA
    • Maine, ME
    • Maryland, MD
    • Massachusetts, MA
    • Michigan, MI
    • Minnesota, MN
    • Mississippi, MS
    • Missouri, MO
    • Montana, MT
    • Nebraska, NE
    • Nevada, NV
    • New Hampshire, NH
    • New Jersey, NJ
    • New Mexico, NM
    • New York, NY
    • North Carolina, NC
    • North Dakota, ND
    • Ohio, OH
    • Oklahoma, OK
    • Oregon, OR
    • Pennsylvania, PA
    • Rhode Island, RI
    • South Carolina, SC
    • South Dakota, SD
    • Tennessee, TN
    • Texas, TX
    • Utah, UT
    • Vermont, VT
    • Virginia, VA
    • Washington, WA
    • West Virginia, WV
    • Wisconsin, WI
    • Wyoming, WY
    • Federal district of Columbia, DC

    U S States Map Outlines with Flags 1

    U S States Map Outlines with Flags 2

    U S States Map Outlines with Flags 3

    U S States Map Outlines with Flags 4

    Applications Supported File Types
    Adobe Illustrator, Sketch AI, EPS, PNG, SVG, SKETCH
    File Size Download Link
    93.97 MB
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