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Big Apples Set 60 Icons

    Big Apples Set 60 Icons

    The title says it all. It’s all about apples. Trees, kinds of fruit, food and drinks made of apple, patterns, garden, harvest elements and many other icons. Icons and elements for creating stickers, making thanksgiving invitations, autumn greeting cards, farm market bags, labels for your harvest goods and any other uses.

    What you get?

    60 icons 4 groups of elements 3 patterns 19 food illustrations You get them both in vector and sliced png files (each element comes in 512x512px and 1024x1024px sizes. The groups of elements are in 3000×3000 px) The patterns are in .jpeg (4000x4000px), .ai and .eps10 versions

    Vector images are resizable and fully editable.

    Big Apples Set 60 Icons1 Big Apples Set 60 Icons2 Big Apples Set 60 Icons3 Big Apples Set 60 Icons4 Big Apples Set 60 Icons5

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