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80 Music Festival Icons – Crayons Series

    80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series

    Music Festivals give us a different experience in enjoying our favorite songs. They give us a different perspective of the bands we love, the ambience surrounding how a song is meant to be listened to, and how we share our experiences with each other. The combinations of all these things boil down to something we will never forget in our lives. We highly recommend everyone to give it a shot once in their lives!

    If you’re in the business of showing people an experience they’ll never forget in their lives, these 80 Music Festival Icons is the perfect place for you! Show your audience your ideas visually and spread your vision to the world! These icons are versatile to say the least, they can be edited however you want them and be placed wherever you want them. It’s only a matter of time that your projects will move forward!

    This Icon Set Includes:

    Band, Beer, Burger, Camera, Closing Ceremony, Concert, Crowd Surfing, Crowd, DJ Set, DJ, Dancing Group, Dancing Man, Dancing Woman, Disco Ball, Divider, Drink, Drums, Drumsticks, EDM Music, Electric Guitar, Face Mask, Fan Female, Fan Group, Fan Male, Festival Map, Festival, Fireworks, First Aid Point, Flip Flops, Food Vendor, Guitar Pick, Headphones, Hip Hop, Hot dog, Jazz Music, Lineup, Loudspeakers, Manager Female, Manager Male, Merchandise, Microphone, Minivan, Mobile Beer Dispenser, Money, Music Equipment, Music, Musician Female, Musician Male, Opening Ceremony, Parking, Peace Sign, Piano, Portable Toilet, Poster, Promotion, Raincoat, Reggae Music, Rock Gesture, Rock Music, Rubber Boots, Security, Signpost, Singer-Artist Female, Singer-Artist Male, Sound Equipment, Sponsor, Spotlight, Staff, Stage Crew, Stage, Sunglasses, Synthesizer, Tent, Ticket, VIP, Venue, Vinyl Record, Weed-Cannabis, World Music, Wristband

    Formats Included:

    • 1 .IconJar
    • 1 .PDF
    • 2 .AI
    • 80 .PNG sized 256×256
    • 80 .PNG sized 512×512
    • 80 .SVG
    • 80 .EPS

    80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series1 80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series2 80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series3 80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series4 80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series5 80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series6 80 Music Festival Icons - Crayons Series7

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